Ordering and Payment

Sophresh meal preps do not contain any preservatives or any processed items, therefore meals last for five days in the fridge. Anything after that please freeze and pull out the day before to thaw in fridge before consumption. Only uses olive oil, coconut oil, organic butter, sea salt, herbs and spices. And all fresh produce hand picked by her to ensure quality.

Pricing varies based on how many meals and also what program you'd like/what you're working on. Whether it's losing weight, gaining healthy weight, keto, paleo, high cholesterol, etc. The prices includes a consultation, groceries, labor, containers, utensils and delivery drop off. 

Each meal will come with two to three vegetables with a variety of four to six different vegetables a week. Selection will vary based on quality of produce at the time. Please, do not forget to inform of dislikes and/or food allergies when placing your order to ensure the best meals for you.

Two ways to pay.

(1) Payments are secure and easily made through website with credit card or  (2) Venmo full amount to "Sophiafresh" to receive a 100% off coupon for your order. You must still make the order through the website in order for it to go through.


Orders must be made two days in advance.

Delivery and Shipping

Make sure to choose a day and time that correlates with the delivery zones. A call or text will go out when your delivery has arrived. Please, be home to receive the meals.