Keto – 14 Meals


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4x ribeye, 4x herb roasted boneless chicken thigh, 2x salmon or shrimp.
With cauliflower rice and/or zucchini noodles. Non starchy vegetables. (Only use sea salt, Kerrygold butter, avocado/coconut oil). Keto meals are heavy in protein and healthy fats, no sugar, very low carbs. Your body is allowed 40-50g of carbs daily to still be within ketosis range.
Orders of 40 or 56 will be made in 4 different deliveries. One drop off per week.

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Half cauliflower rice half zucchini noodles, All cauliflower rice, All zucchini noodles

Seafood option

Salmon, Shrimp, No seafood

Sauce options for steak

Homemade "A1", Salsa verde, Salsa, Chimichurri, Salt & pepper, Jalapeno chutney

Sauce options for chicken

Salsa verde, Salsa, Coconut yellow curry, Jalapeno chutney, Hoisin honey mustard, Salt & pepper

Delivery day (Please check map for schedule)

Monday after 7pm, Tuesday after 7pm, Friday after 7pm, Thursday after 7pm