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Omega 3 game strong

Wild salmon get their pink reddish shade by consuming krill and shrimp they’re whole lives, which contain a reddish-orange compound called astaxanthin. In order for farmed fish to have that same color they are fed pink pellets. Keto does not allow farmed seafood or any kind. #mealprep #keto #freeourfish #healthiswealth


No to fast food

Eating fast food on the regular has the same effects on the liver as hepatitis. Eek! Your body is your temple, treat it right and keep your meals well balanced! #healthylifestyles #mealprep

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Baby we like it raw

Who doesn’t love a good medium rare steak? The juices that flow out from a nice meaty steak is not blood, but it’s actually myoglobin -a close relative to blood. All meat, once they hit the shelves at the grocery store, their blood has been removed. #keto #paleo #carnivore #mealprep #foodfacts

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